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Welcome and thanks for your interest in nexusBPM. nexusBPM is an open-source enhancement of JBoss's jBPM product suite. We have added many features to both the editor and the engine.

nexusBPM provides en enhanced editor experience with a variety of preconfigured nodes such as FTP, SQL, Excel and others. All nexusBPM nodes can participate in dataflow which is very easy to use. Using dataflow means that information created by one node can be used by another for processing, formatting, output or decision making. The nexusBPM editor can even communicate with the nexusBPM server andsupports drag and drop upload and download capabilities as well as remote run commands.

nexusBPM provides an enhanced engine with support for scheduling flows using quartz, executing nexusBPM nodes using message driven beans and custom commands.

We have just been approved for an open-source license of JIRA. See the link to the left. Thanks Atlassian!

Thanks also to for hosting this site, our project and our SVN repository.

Click the downloads link to get to the sourceforge web site for the EAR file, the pdf of the manual and the EXE for the setup program.

Click the Eclipse Plugin Site link on the menu to get to the nexusBPM Eclipse plugin site.

(c) 2007, 2008 nexusBPM Contributors